Friday, August 24, 2007

Inter-religious conversations

Matt Stone is a unique kind of missionary. He specifically does outreach to those usually left untouched by Christians -- pagans, wiccans, satanists, etc. He is truly missional in every sense of the word. I have never met him, but his life and blog reflections are a blessing to me. His most recent post is wonderful, as he gives some good advice on how to have conversations with people who are not Christian.

Read it here.

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Richard said...

This happened to me recently. Out talking to some other believers, one asked me to share my story. This was an amazing experience. I've often been asked to tell something about me, share my testimony, etc. This was the first time someone asked me specifically to share my story. So, speaking firsthand, I have to say that it was awkward at first, but the more I delved into the telling and since then the more I've reflected on the genuine nature of this approach, I have truly seen the power of such an approach.

People love to talk about themselves. Why not turn that natural bent into the very springboard for the Spirit's work. Isn't this what Jesus did a lot of the time. He hung out with people and "listened." Some might argue otherwise, but healing someone is listening, saving them from murderous stones is listening, going to their feasts is listening.

I think this is a great tool for what "to do" once a believer is "out there" in the mission field of the community. It is the second step in a lengthy, important process. The first step is to be a genuine occupant of shared space. The second is to use that shared space to learn something (this is where hearing the story comes in). The third is providing additional meaning to the person's story (this is where doing something positive for them, joining in their activities, and ultimately leading them to Jesus comes in). The fourth is for them to provide additional meaning to your story (fellowship). The fifth might be for you to share sacred space together in a new story (worship).