Friday, March 30, 2007

Writer's Block

So I've been wanting to post something for the past several days, but I apparently have nothing in my brain that is interesting right now. So, for the 8 people per day that look at this blog per day, I present to you some random stuff! Why? Because everyone likes stuff, and random is exciting!

First, another classic from our friends at Barats & Beretta:

This just made me giggle.

Allow me to recommend a blog to you. One in Jesus has some great posts dealing with some of the internal squabbles and theological mistakes that we have made in the COC. There's even some free downloadable books that are worth every penny! Give it a read

Random question: Am I the only one in America that is NOT watching American Idol? I find it appalling that a karaoke competition has become a culturally defining phenomenon. What does that say about us? Oh well, I take peace knowing that someone is trying to sabotage the process on that show. Check out They've become very powerful, even claiming to have contributed to Taylor Hicks' win last time. I love mischievous culture-wreckers!

That's all for now. Maybe soon my brain will turn on again and I can enlighten all 8 of you on my latest profound musings.

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