Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Jeffys

In the spirit of the approaching Emmy awards, I present a random collection of awards that i will humbly call The Jeffys. They cannot be denied because the results have been tabulated based on the infallible standard of my personal opinion.
  • Most Meaningful Series of Lessons: Rick Atchley's three part series on "The Both/And Church." Alissa and I are both still feeling absolutely liberated after hearing these lessons. If you haven't viewed them yet and have grown up in the Churches of Christ, you owe it to yourself to view them.
  • Best Single Night of Prime-Time Television: Thursday nights on NBC. My Name Is Earl gets funnier with each episode. The Office is on the way to being possibly the greatest sitcom ever. Scrubs is a historical top five sitcom, and ER is still high quality TV, although its not what it used to be, and the blatant and forced political preaching gets annoying. I mean, come on! That's just not fair to the rest of the TV world!
  • Most Frustrating Football Team Loyalties: Tie between Aggies and Cowboys. Unfortunately, I am a fan of both.
  • Best Movie That I've Seen This Year: Apocalypto. I don't get to see many movies anymore (having a 3 year old kind of affects your pop culture awareness). However, once again I found myself blown away by every aspect of a Mel Gibson film. Gory, yes. Distasteful, absolutely not.
  • Most Ironic Celebrity Duel: Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell. These two arguing over who is a better moral authority is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. Its almost like when Republicans and Democrats argue over who is more honest!
  • Most Difficult Decision: Following your passion vs. Standing by a commitment. I've been struggling seriously with this recently. I believe its the most difficult decision I've ever made. How do you discern God's voice in the midst of that?
  • Best of the Best: Alissa. A wife that supports me when I offer what turns out to be a chaotic existence; who is open to my growth and eager to participate in it; who is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of our family. How can you adequately show gratitude for that?
There you have it -- the first edition of the Jeffys.


Richard said...

Compelling stuff. I’m obviously going to have to polish my curbside appeal if I am going to get a Jeffy. Could you add a category for the most lackey-laden post? Most slovenly friend? Most fanatical Mavericks fan? I promise I’ll try real hard to say something worthy of the critically acclaimed imprimatur of the Jeffy Academy of Arts and Sciences (JAAS – pronounced Jaz) if you do.

But, while I’m here, and while it may seem a bit trite to comment on the low comedy of Earl and The Office, I must. In my guilty pleasure, I have to admit that these two shows make me laugh harder than anything else on television. I better start praying for grace right now. I could say more, but I won’t.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back. After all, you’ve raised the bar. And I just can’t pass up on one of those coveted Jeffys.

Dana said...

Amen on that frustrating team loyalties thing! I'm tellin ya - they'll break you heart (well, at least the Aggies)!